Edu Dept embraces blockchain technology on ICP
Th Basanta Kumar Singh education Minister

Zurich/Imphal (Agency): The DFINITY Foundation (DFINITY), a Swiss, not-for-profit research and development organisation and a major contributor to the Internet Computer Blockchain (ICP), on Thursday announced that the Manipur Department of Education will deploy a unique educational product suite focused on verifying and storing educational certificates in a secure platform on the Internet Computer.

The solution will ensure the certificate’s authenticity while making it accessible to the owners anywhere in the world at all times, removing the issues associated with lost certificates. This ICP-based solution will bring more credibility to certificates and empower students in their search for employment.

The product suite will leverage ICP technology, such as Internet Identity, to ensure all relevant information is accessible and tamper proof while no unnecessary personal information is available. The Horizon, a New Delhi web3 policy and adoption think tank, will support the implementation process with technology guidance from DFINITY.

Dominic Williams, Founder and Chief Scientist at the DFINITY Foundation, commented, “As a global leader in cutting-edge technology, India continues to innovate by integrating blockchain technology into its education system. The Internet Computer is a tamper-proof and fully decentralized public blockchain with no backdoors. These qualities make it a perfect solution for securely hosting important documents.

Organisations such as FederItaly have been using the Internet Computer as part of their proof of authenticity initiative for Italian-made products with great success. We’re looking forward to exploring more ways in which the Internet Computer can integrate into Indian services.”

This initiative leverages ICP’s unique advantages in security, immutability, and transparency to address critical challenges within Manipur’s education system. The solution will be tailor-made for the Department of Education to develop the state into a knowledge and skills hub within India.

Th. Basanta Singh, Minister of Education, added, “Manipur has always been at the forefront of technology adoption with a young and tech savvy population.. Blockchain is a very important technology and I can see a lot of use cases for it in my department. I look forward to collaborating with ICP to bring student academic credentials to blockchain.”

Academic Credential Verification System (“ACVS”) aims to provide tamper-proof verification of all academic certificates issued by government institutions, ensuring authenticity and integrity. The ACVS will encourage trust among employers, educational institutions, and individuals while streamlining the verification process. The ACVS solution will leverage the Internet Identity.

Internet Identity is a privacy-preserving authentication solution developed by the DFINITY Foundation. Internet Identity allows users to authenticate their identity credentials without disclosing personal information using advanced cryptography.

This latest initiative strengthens ICP’s presence in the region alongside the ICP. India Hub, which has organised hundreds of hackathons and workshops in India. ICP is committed to fostering a collaborative ecosystem in Asia, as demonstrated by the launch of the ICP Asia Alliance and a $20 million grant available for the projects in the region.

Rajat Sethi, Founder, The Horizon “Manipur has taken a very promising leap in adopting futuristic blockchain technology. This is the first statewide initiative of adopting blockchain in the education sector. This will set an important example for the entire industry to work closely on government applications in blockchain
Manipur is one of the fastest-growing small states located in the Northeastern region of India. It has a promising young talent pool of technology enthusiasts and a strong developer base. Manipuri diaspora continues to contribute to the global technology ecosystem.

The DFINITY Foundation is a not-for-profit organization of leading cryptographers, computer scientists, and experts in distributed computing. With a mission to shift cloud computing into a fully decentralized state, the Foundation leveraged its experience to create the Internet Computer and currently operates as a major contributor to the network.

The Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) is a decentralized cloud 3.0 protocol that allows developers to build and run services and enterprise systems directly on a public, blockchain network with unprecedented scalability. Services running on top of ICP are tamper-proof and can negatively interact with the outside world in a trustless manner, both with traditional web 2.0 services and with other blockchains. The fast, low-cost, and energy-efficient protocol establishes a new paradigm for how a decentralized network truly operates in web3. (Courtesy: India PR Distribution)