ZUF questions authority of ZB (AMN)

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IMPHAL:  Stating that the Zeliangrong is a common tribal people inhabiting a compact geographical region of Northeast India, the Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) has questioned the authority of ZB (AMN) why it claims possession of the mandate of the whole Zeliangrong people in this juncture so as to drag or draw the people as they like or wish.

The Recent press publication of ZB (AMN) wherein it stated that the ZB (AMN) withdrawn Zeliangrong people mandate given to support NSCN (IM) as if it still holds water on what it termed as Zeliangrong Baudi (AMN) after splitting into various smaller sections of organizations, Jenchui Kamei, Chairman ZUF said in a press statement.

It is observed that ZB (AMN) is playing a manipulative politics of siding the splintered group led by Raitu Chawang and Sinthuingam Kamsuan @ S. Kamson who have betrayed the Zeliangrong people by merging to NSCN (U), Kamei said adding that the Zeliangrong Baudi (AMN) has failed in many fronts as a parent body dictating for their own profits surrendering the long cherished dream to other master.

Kamei asserted that the general public has lost faith in their leadership adding that after denouncing the cause of Zeliangrong people to join the cause of Naga political group, they can neither take up ZLR issue amidst the Naga factional ideologists nor officially represent ZUF for Zeliangrong people with the NNPGs or with GOI. Their position is hanged up or melted to dust. It is a fatal crime to commit such a decision to merge and mess with the Naga political issues that has a very different demand from that of Zeliangrong Peoples’ Convention (ZPC) demand approach, the chairman of the ZUF asserted.

He further stated that subscribing to NNPGs political ideologies is succumbing the ZPC movement to the pool of utter political catastrophe. The blunder of Mr. Raitu Chawang and Sinthuingam Kamson will go down the history of Zeliangrong as the dark era/ phase of Zeliangrong people, Kamei said.

“The Zeliangrong Baudi, Nagaland press publication was a clear indication rejecting to the self- styled manipulative ways of ruining Zeliangrong people by President, Athon Abonmai,

Zeliangrong Baudi (AMN) without common consensus of the Zeliangrong people with his divisive ways.

“When some few sections of leaders are tending and trending towards the immediate downfall of Zeliangrong, we assure all the Zeliangrong people that, we are there where our people wanted to be. We shall remain faithful to the cause of protecting and fighting the legitimate rights to self-determination of Zeliangrong people to live in peace, unity and prosperity as envisioned by our legendary patriots; Haipou Jadonang and Ranima Gaidinliu in our own land,” Kamei stated and earnestly appealled to the Zeliangrong and the kindred tribes to hold on patiently through the night of depression to the dawn of day of hope soon to break open at the will and time of God for our people.

“Let us hold on to our faith till our turn of justice come and the time to harvest the seed of hope of liberation sown by our most beloved Rani Gaidinliu is realized. This is our hope; this is our aspiration, that truth and justice will soon be prevailed with our people in our land,” the chairman of ZUF concluded.

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