ZUF-NNPG cannot represent Zeliangrong people: ZUF

ZUF-NNPG cannot represent Zeliangrong people: ZUF

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Information and Publicity Secretary of Zeliangrong United Front, KD. Gangmei has issued  a response in the aftermath of the press release issued by another faction, stating that the latter which is the ZUF-NNPG cannot represent the Zeliangrong people in any member except to remain loyal to the principle fo the group that it has joined.

The statement mentioned that the ZUF felt itself obliged to stand out clearly on the matter affecting the Zeliangrong public caused by the previous press statement. The defected ZUF to NSCN-U and subscribed to NNPGs on the 26th October 2019 spells clear tone of invalidity for the merger group to hold on to the nomenclature of ZUF, it stated.

“Moreover, the defected group being ceased to exist cannot represent the Zeliangrong people in any manner except to remain loyal to the principle of the group to which they merged theretoforth. The question of representing Zeliangrong in the Indo-Naga talk led by NNPG cannot happen as the subject matter is pole apart. The one is of Naga issue whereas Zeliangrong case is of Indian subject to be dealt in the purview of the Indian Constitution. The nature of struggle differs so unmatched. Hence nothing related to Zeliangrong can be expected from the anticipated Naga solution. Wrong hope or blind speculation cannot befool our people. The Zeliangrong people can no longer be enticed or played down by sweet writing or whimsical languages. The NNPG working committee did not invite the Zeliangrong people for consultation scheduled on 29th October 2020 and so proven that Raitu Chawang and S.Kamson does not represent Zeliangrong in NNPG or Naga people,” read the statement.

According to the ZUF, its tradition from the inception in no way resolved or enact any law or provision to affiliate or join with any other military organization. There is no culture or any provision for defecting from one faction to another in the constitutional set up of the Zeliangrong United Front. Therefore the defected group has directly violated and trampled the ethical tradition of the ZUF, the statement declared.

As a result, the defected or surrendered group has no right and so cannot represent the Zeliangrong people’s movement. It is therefore appealed and informed to all Zeliangrong people not to be confused or misled by such unfounded or unrepresented individuals who go on distorting and devaluing the movement and historical legacy of the Zeliangrong people, the note carried on.

Furthermore, it declared that there is no person in the group as Hozam Thaimei, Secretary Information and Publicity ZUF. It is a fake/bogus name only to hide and profess the name on the surface, the statement added.

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