ZUF calls on ZB (AMN) president to withdraw statement and apologize

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) has called on Mr. Athuan Abonmai, President ZB (AMN) to withdraw all your venomous statements appeared in local papers and social media and seek open apology from the Zeliangrong people.

In a letter, Ajonah Kamei, Home Secretary ZUF said that the “letter is compelled to be intimated to you prompted by your repeated display of treason and treacherous activities in the name of Zeliangrong.”

After much patience and observation over your wilful activities in the pretext and guise of doing good for Zeliangrong people as President of ZB (AMN), the ZUF is moved with moral obligation to impede all corruptive and destructive elements you have been doing all this time spreading divisive and destructive politics among the Zeliangrong, Ajonah stated in the letter.

“With due humanitarian consideration on you as a human person, this letter is served with love to caution you before you reap your own action. The ZUF as the vanguard of Zeliangrong people and defender of historical rights of the people inform you to withdraw all your venomous statements appeared in local papers and social media and seek open apology from the Zeliangrong people,” the Home Secretary stated adding that Athuan’s reflections have revealed his ulterior motive and selfish oriented leadership as President of Zeliangrong Baudi (AMN).

You have not only destroyed the credibility and reputation of the Zeliangrong but also debased and down trodden the hard earned and treasured historical rights of the people by your professing high tone of apex body as President of ZB (AMN) deeming it for amassing your credit and wealth. It is unthinkable for such disposition to have happened in our Zeliangrong society, Ajonah stated.

The Home Secretary of the ZUF further stated that it was Athuan’s policy and participation with the absconded cadres of ZUF led by Raitu Chawang and Sinthuingam Kamson @ S. Kamson to succumb Zeliangrong peoples’ politics in the hand and den of NSCN-U & NNPGs when on 26th October 2019 you have led ZUF to dissolved into GPRN/NSCN as one entity: “Identity of Zeliangrong United Front shall cease to exist with this declaration from this date of 26th October 2019”.

Stating that it is a fatal blow to the Zeliangrong people, Ajonah questioned if it is not betrayal and selling out the legitimate rights of Zeliangrong. You are still behaving as President of the sold out Organization and people. What credibility and validity remains with you, he questioned further.

The Home Secretary of the ZUF also alleged the ZB (AMN) president of being silent when the parent body of Zeliangrong region was asked to render apology in a local paper. Your message write-up to Zeliangrong people written on 31st July 2020 sounds good but not palatable. You are trying to please and appease the Zeliangrong people who have been put to shame by your autocratic leadership and trying to please NNPGs in between. Your letter to PM of India, requesting him to retain RN. Ravi, interlocutor to do the final deal with NNPGs’ talk team is simply telling your blatant policy and deceitful game, Ajonah stated.

The Zeliangrong people and ZPC movement for securing their political rights to self-determination as envisioned and initiated by Ranima Gaidinliu is a different subject from the Naga National movement. Our approach with GOI much before the Nagas’ talk is a legitimate demand for Zeliangrong homeland to upgrade into a state unlike the Indo-Naga political talk, the ZUF stated adding that the ZPC movement shall, therefore, remain even after the Indo-Naga settlement till our demand is fulfilled. Having thus asserted, our people’s movement shall not be allowed to be manipulated or tempered or compromised for any temporary monetary gain or promises of any assumption, the ZUF asserted.

The ZUF also reminded the ZB (AMN) president “to seek an open apology to Zeliangrong people for the spoil and distortion played by your leadership and withdraws all your words and play within 15 days time w.e.f 11th August 2020.” Failing which you will be held responsible for all consequential implication that may incur in the society and stringent action for your action will be initiated, Ajonah, the Home Secretary of ZUF stated.

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