ZSF appreciates state government

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Zomi Students’ Federation (ZSF) has expressed its deepest appreciation to the state government for its just and fair judgment on the long overdue leadership crisis within Zomi Re-unification Organisation (ZRO) which has plagued the Zo society since the past one and half odd years.

In a press release of ZSF General HQ said that the entire Zomi community heaved a sigh of relief and welcomed with an open arm the historic, bold and yet judicious pronouncement handed down by the Government of Manipur. As per Orders emanating from the Government of Manipur, Home Department, dated: Imphal, the July 27, 2020, No.6/1(95)/2014-H (SRE/Acctt.) (P), Aikhenthang @ Calvin H tall claimed as the president of ZRO was refuted and out-rightly rejected. It is true that Calvin H, has no mandate and moral authority to represent ZRO/ZRA at any level.

The mature and insightful vision will surely pave a way for restoration of normalcy and lay a solid foundation for unity and integrity of Zo society. The courageous step and daring attitude to call a spade a spade has brought a ray of fresh hope and peace in the otherwise faction ridden Zo society, it said.

The ZSF appealed to the Government of Manipur to organize a “Home Coming Ceremony” for Calvin H and his individual cadres at the earliest opportune time. It may not be out of place to mention that Calvin H and his individual cadres, if left unattended for long, may continue to be a thorn for our society and create social disharmony and public nuisance unabatedly. It is most desirable that out of the 31 individual cadres, those 14 listed cadres may be sent back to their parent organization and the remaining 17 unlisted cadres to their respective families with their own volition and without applying any force or coercion. Such a well thought out plan and pre-emptive move would surely thwart any undesirable desperate activities like monetary demand, threatening innocent civilians that they are habituated to and which cannot be ruled out at least in the foresee-able future, added the statement.

The ZSF also appealed to Calvin H and his disgruntled followers including some ‘negligible tribe based leaders’ to exercise maximum restraint and not to resort to any form of unprovoked insensitive reaction which can jeopardize our fragile peace and harmony. Law enforcing authority may also take extra-precautionary measures to ensure that law and order are not disturbed.

Last but not the least, the front requested the Government of Manipur to make sure that

arms and ammunitions under the custody of Calvin H are beyond the reach of rogue elements, said the statement.

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