ZRA to enforce social norms and practices of the past

TMB Report

IMPHAL: Asserting that there is an alarming decay of social order in its area of operation, the Zomi Revolutionary Army (ZRA) has on Wednesday announced that it will be enforcing social norms and practices as it had done in the past.

In a press release signed by its PRO, Moses, the organization stated that it had proactively been involved in creating, maintaining and upholding social laws and regulations since the past many years. With the alarming decay of social order coupled with the rapid increase in behavioral disorder particularly among teenage youth, ZRA will strictly enforce social norms and practices as it has done in the past, the note announced.

Accordingly, vendors engaged in selling alcohol were instructed to close their business at 6 pm and not to entertain any customer after the stipulated time. ZRA will not tolerate any person found indulging in drunken brawl, vitiating social decency and disrupting the peaceful atmosphere of our society, it stated promising that ZRA will also leave no stone unturned to script ‘a drug free Zo society’.

The ZRA further advised individuals and groups not to indulge in making monetary demands within its area of operation. It went on to appeal to everyone to extend their support and cooperation in the fight for a just, equitable and harmonious society

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