ZoRO for Zo unification

TMB Correspondent

Ccpur: In regards to a reports in certain section of the press and media in which  the Zo Re-unification  Organisation (ZoRO)   Northern  Zone said that they are oppose and  againt  organising ‘Zo Kutpui 2020’ at Kawnpui  Ccpur  to be held between 11 to 12 February 2020, the  ZoRO  General headquarters , Aizawl issue a notification saying that the organisation it all for anything that was organised to unified the Zo decendent.

The president of ZoRO GHQ R Sangkoia  in an in a notification   stated that the news that ‘ZoRO opposed propose Zo Kutpui ” was  was  not the standpoints of ZoRO GHQ saying that  they had decided to send representative to the initiate to unites Zo decendent at Zo Kutpui 2020. It  was ZoRO policy that after the Zo decendents are scattered any initiative to bring unification  was always  welcomed and supported  by ZoRO, said the notice.

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