ZCOs observe 89th Martyrdom Anniversary of Haipou Jadonang

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The 89th Martyrdom Anniversary Observance of Haipou Jadonang was held on Saturday organized by Zeliangrong Civil Organizations (ZCOs) at ZSUM, Imphal.

Haipou Jadonang, a pioneer and freedom fighter and the founder of the “Naga Raj” was hanged on 29th August, 1931 by the British Government for launching strong resistant movement against the Administration. His supreme sacrifice made for the cause of people’s freedom and emancipation from the bondage of British rule is highly honoured and respected by every reasoning people irrespective of caste and creed. His supreme sacrifice is becoming more and more significant with the passing of time which is evident by the widespread observance of his martyrdom anniversary in every parts of the country every year, the ZCOs said in a press release.

On this 89th Observance of Haipou Jadonang Martyrdom Mr. Athuan Abonmai, President, Zeliangrong Baudi (Assam, Manipur & Nagaland) on behalf of the Zeliangrong Civil Organizations (ZCOs) and representing the Zeliangrong people living in Manipur, Assam and Nagaland want to make it clear to one and all that the supreme sacrifice of Haipou Jadonang for the cause of the people should not be misused to suit the vested interest of particular group or sections of people, the press release stated. The Baudi President advised the NSCN (IM) group to stop undermining the supreme sacrifice of Jadonang and to stop misusing his name just to identify the place of few cadres stationed camp as “Jadonang Battalion“ or “Jadonang Brigade”. The Zeliangrong people cannot tolerate the misused of “Jadonang” hence the NSCN (IM) should immediately stop using it, the organization added.

There should be no confusion that “Jadonang” was an extra-ordinary personality who had a clear vision unlike the present day self proclaimed leaders, the ZCOs stated adding that there was no blemished on his leadership and his political movement. The British administration in order to execute him had implicated on the charge of murder which was not related to him at all. His courage displayed even at the gallows without any sign of fear was incomparable to any other leaders for which the people are remembering him till today on his martyrdom day, the stated.

The present days self proclaimed leaders are preoccupied with full of fears and full of confusions for which the innocent Naga people who are yearning for peace and progress have now openly speaking up their mind against the unrealistic rhetoric. The emotion of the Naga people have been driven by unrealistic rhetoric all these years but the people have now started realising and perceived their future as such unrealistic rhetoric will not last long but will vanish in no time, the ZCOs said.

With the determination of Govt. of India to conclude the Indo-Naga political issue without any further delay, the Govt. of India should make a special political arrangement for Zeliangrong people living in the State of Assam, Manipur & Nagaland in recognition to the supreme sacrifice of Haipou Jadonang for the cause of the people and the great contribution of Ranima Gaidinliu, the veteran Freedom Fighter of India towards the cause of India’s freedom movement. The Govt. of India has so far miserably failed to address the grievance of the Zeliangrong people even though it had already celebrated its 74th Independence Day, it stated.

On the observance of the 89th Martyrdom Anniversary, the Zeliangrong Civil Organizations (ZCOs) would like to remind the State Govt. to translate into action the assurance given during the 87th Martyrdom Anniversary Observance held at Leishangkhong village, Manipur by the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Manipur that the Govt. will decide the matter of granting of State Holiday on the Haipou Jadonang Martyr Day, the ZCOs concluded.

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