Youths can help in fight against drug abuse, crimes and militancy

Youths can help in fight against drug abuse, crimes and militancy

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Imphal: MP Dr RK Ranjan has stated that if the youths take recluse to keeping their spiritual, physical and moral under control with their involvement with the purist activities of an ashram then many of the malice ailing the current society including drug abuse, crimes and militancy can be removed easily.

The member of Parliament was speaking during the 54th foundation day celebration of Mahatma Seva Ashram which was held at its complex at Konthoujam on Thursday.

He lauded the founder of the ashram Heisnam Mitreshwar for his decades of devotion to preaching people of both the hills and valley that they are brothers and sisters and there should not be any discrimination on religious grounds.

He recounted their earliest acquaintance when Mitreshwar taught him yoga exercises and its other benefits when he was working as registrar of Manipur University. He is an individual whom I have always held in high regard and look up to with affection, added Dr Ranjan.

Mitreshwar has made a committed effort to propagate the same teaching of sages and learned scholars from the platform of his institute and the truth can be easily detected from the events he had conducted over the years, the parliamentarian stated. If we want to become a perfect individual then the right development of our physical being, mind, health and soul is necessary. Mitreswar has offered training on improvement of the spiritual, physical and moral condition to more than four-five generations, Dr Ranjan added.

He went on to claim that only after attaining control over the three components, the illness that infests our society can be easily removed and encouraged the youths to enroll at the ashram and acquire the trainings. Moreover, those persons who have achieved such a state of control can become ideal public leaders and serve the people with impartiality, he added.

Dr Ranjan stated that while some regions have been able to contain the spread of Coronavirus, the state of the pandemic is aggravating in Manipur. This is mainly due to the public’s resistance to follow the prescribed SOPs and overall casual attitude, he cited. The practice of social distancing and hygiene maintenance is not completely new to our people and in fact have been practiced from years before. In the past, anybody who ventured outside their residences were required to wash their feet and hands and keep the clothes they have worn outside before entering their houses. Moreover, they are not allowed to have their meals without taking a bath first, he listed the examples as an illustration of the traditional attachment to hygiene.As development funds for MPs have been unavailable for two years, Ranjan said he will help in installation of solar lamps at the premises and later when the development funds are available make more contribution for the improvement of the ashram.
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