YFPHR questions govt, concerned authorities on sale and distribution of essential items

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Youth’s Forum for Protection of Human Rights (YFPHR) on Thursday raised a few points to the state government and concerned departments/authorities for their consideration on sale and distribution of food grains and essential items so that the hardships dealt to the common people from the lockdown will be reduced.

The forum has a press release suggested the opening of wholesale markets which has been shut down for many days and clear the motion for availing essential commodities in retail shops after appropriate establishment of strict monitoring and guidelines. It further urged the administration to make avail rice in the open market at reasonable prices for the welfare of the poor needy people and allocate petrol on selected days at oil station while stemming the flow of petrol available in the black market.

Distribution of rice should be for all individuals/families staying in rent and for those in far flung area which are yet to receive government assistance of rice, it stated while calling for the fulfillment of ration allocation to these groups of people at the earliest.

The forum also expressed its appreciation words to the state government and related authorities for taking up different measures to fight back against the Covid-19 pandemic in the state.

The people have been suffering as it is due to the lockdown and life threatening outbreak but the inflation in costs of essential commodities have multiplied their pain, the press note added.

In connection with this hike in prices of stuffs, the forum state during inspection on the matter they had interaction with shopkeepers who run small shops/retails in the locality who informed to the volunteers of the forum that there is scarcity of essential products in the wholesale markets. Inferring that they had bought the merchandise at higher rates, the shopkeepers saying that if they do not raise the prices than the recovery of the capital will not be possible.

While expressing its appreciation to the price tagging of 17 essential items by the government, it pointed out that just immediately before drastic measures including restriction in movement were imposed to prevent Covid-19 infection, 50 kgs rice bag was available at Rs, 1, 400 to Rs.1, 500 in the local market but now price of the same item have jumped to Rs. 2, 100 to Rs. 2, 200. The forum wondered from where the bags of rice have appeared in the wholesale shops in the midst of the shut down.

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