Yening Animals Foundation draws attention

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Yening Animals Foundation has drawn necessary attention of the social groups and leaders on the ongoing ostracisation of the family members of Nimmiwon who are being excluded from the affairs of Naga Ching village, Mantripukhri regarding a recent incident when she made a report of a dog being shot at by another individual on 26th of July.

As per the press release of the Yening Animals Foundation issued by its chairperson Sapna Laishram it was said that the dog belongs to Nimmiwon’s family and they are now excluded from the village on the charge by the village authority that she made a statement to media and other organizations about the internal affairs of the village which seems to have hurt the prestige of the village.

Based on the recent incident, the dog owner hurried to the police station to register an FIR asking for necessary action against the culprits immediately after her dog was shot at, though the FIR was halted due to incomplete documents.

However, Nimmiwon sought the help of the Yenning Animal’s Foundation immediately on the day itself for justice. The Chairperson of the organization visited the incidents spot and took a video recording the various facts of the report and it was uploaded on Facebook and carried by some local newspaper.

Further, it was added that the chairperson was even threatened to remove the posted video from the Facebook page by the village authority of Naga Ching whereas the dog owner Nimmiwon was also harassed using strong words by the village authority, claiming that such video posted in media seems to insult the prestige of its concerned village.

As per the statement of Nimmiwon, such problems were not created with an intention to bring confusion and unhappiness among the society while it was just acted being as an animal’s lover also no further plan in on the card over filing of charges against the culprits who had shot at the dog, Sapna added. 

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