YAF appeals against cruelty to animals

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Yenning Animals Foundation (YAF) has appealed to Meira Paibis Lup, organizations, clubs and others to extend their support in fighting for punishment of individuals who treat animals with cruelty and similar individuals who violate the Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 in order to make stop them from continuing with such activities.

A press note of YAF stated that the pandemic of Covid-19 which has threatened normal life throughout the world has made the same impact in the state threatening to take many precious lives. Amid this critical situation, different individuals have been killing scores of wild birds and animals as well as pet dogs for their meat which was very unfortunate and as a result YAF has taken the commission of such activities very seriously.

Killing of birds and animals including dog for consumption of their meat should be stopped immediately, YAF stated with concern saying that killing of animals is going unhindered amid the pandemic situation and non-functioning of related offices.

The press note appealed to those who are committed to serving for the society namely meira paibis groups, clubs and other organizations to support the fight against the cruel act of killing animals and birds.

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