YAC urges government to stop issuing ILP

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Yurembam Apunba Club has urged the Government to immediately stop issuing Inner Line Permit to non-locals amidst the COVID-19 battle.

In a statement, the club said that it is a well known fact that the state, which was once a Green zone was converted to Red Zone after stranded natives of the state arrived from the Red zones. Due to failure to maintain proper precautions, the state has now encountered local transmission, prompting the authority to impose complete lockdown, thereby affecting the normal life of the people.

The club strongly condemned bringing in 30 non-locals by using ILP on July 24 and July 25. The club also decried bringing in non-locals without issuing ILP permits on several occasions.

It also appealed to the Government to allow stay of the non-local labours of PGCI and railway projects who possess ILP or labour cards at Yurembam area to ensure that the conflict among the local people and non-locals does not arise.

It further said that the club has prepared itself to launch a drive against non-locals sans ILP.

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