Workshop on importance of language, religion held

Workshop on importance of language, religion held

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IMPHAL: A one day international workshop on ‘Importance of Language and Religion in Safeguarding Cultural Diaspora’ (with special reference to Manipuri Diaspora relations) was held at V.C. Conference Hall of Manipur University campus on Tuesday.

The event was graced by Jarnail Singh, the Vice-Chancellor of Manipur University as Chief Guest, Prof. Ch. Yashawanta, Dean of the School of Humanities (MU) president and R.K. Shivachandra, Convenor of Act East Policy as a guest of honour.

V.C. Jarnail Singh delved on evolution of mankind residential stages. He said that the world is big enough to fit us all in and live together in harmony, despite various differences in cultures, traditions and customs, etc. He further said that the workshop will help not only in promoting and protecting the rich cultural heritage of Manipur but also in fostering the spirit of unity and co-existence amongst the Manipuri diaspora residing in various places like Assam, Tripura, Bangladesh, Myanmar, etc.

In this modern world which consisted of people from different religious background must regard and  grease upon each other differences in conduct of their ideas, culture, traditions, and lifestyles, he noted.

R.K. Shivachandra reminded of his journey of places where he witnessed heart breaking moments after coming in contact with Manipuri diaspora living in different places with so little memories left behind about themselves as part of an indigenous community of Manipur. He said that we must listen to the far cries of those people who moved away from their own native land in various circumstances during the history of Manipur.

Sharing one of his experiences, a woman of Manipuri origin in Myanmar was seen weeping with emotion because she was marrying a Burmese man, realising that she was breaking away from her community and assimilating into another different society,  remarking that it was one of the most heartbreaking moment ever witnessed in life, he recalled.

Speaking to the media persons, one of the member of the organising committee expressed interest and concern on preserving and nurturing the original culture, tradition and beliefs of all the people especially Manipuri Diasporas, as an important measure in adding value interest of life for those indigenous people through educating and promoting native languages, sharing and bringing together through religious pathway that will eventually help in gaining recognition and status of those people residing home away from home.

The workshop will help to a wide extent of rebuilding the relationship and safeguarding of every Diaspora living in various places through engagements in such kind of thought provoking common platform.

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