Women Vendors and Police Barred Street Vendors from Conducting Business

TMB Report

Imphal: A day after the protest carried out by street vendors in the surrounding areas of Khwairamband Ima Market demanding the government to provide their vending space as the authority deprived their vending space, Police personnel has taken up extra precaution measures to restrict the street vendors from conducting their business in the surrounding areas of the Khwairamband Ima Market since Wednesday early morning.

Apart from police personnel, women vendors of the three Ima Markets came out in the street since the early morning and prohibited any street vendors from occupying the space around the Khwairamband Ima Market and conducting their business.

The women vendors also banned the women street vendors from selling their goods and compel them to take back their goods to the vehicle they came in.

With the Police Personnel and Women Vendors strict measures, the dejected street vendors were seen sitting idle at the road side as they were not allowed to operate their businesses.

The dejected women street vendors decried over the authority for depriving them from conducting businesses in the Khwairamband Ima Market areas and said that they are feeding and running their families by selling their goods on the road side of the Market areas and urged the state government in intervene and look thoroughly.

The dejected women street vendors strongly condemned for allowing the non-locals (non-Manipuris) to conduct their business in the Khwairamband Ima Market areas without any disturbance but not to the street vendors.

Appealing the women vendors of the Ima Market to allow the street vendors to continue conducting their business, the street vendor women questions do the women vendors not feel any sympathy to the street vendors who are struggling to survive by selling some few goods?

The money they get by selling few vegetables and other items is running, feeding the family and sending their children to schools and if they are not allowed to conduct their businesses anymore, by what means they will feed, run their families or send their children to schools, the women street vendors cried.

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