Women orgs oppose legalisation of Cannabis, says will lead to mass destructions of generations

TMB Report

IMPHAL: Women organizations in the state consisting of All Manipur Women’s Social Reformation and Development Samaj (Nupi Samaj), Apunba Manipur Kanba Ema Lup, Apunba Nupi Lup (ANUL) and Tammi-Chingmi Lup have raised concerns and opposed the government’s move on legalisation of cannabis (Marijuana/Ganja) in the state.

They also stated that they stand united against all drug related issues and its impact in the state while addressing the press at Nupi Samaj office on Thursday.

The government of Manipur doesn’t seem to understand and care about the impact of alcohol and drugs issues that are affecting and ruining women’s life all these years in the state, Nupi Samaj president Thokchom Ramani said.

It is an insult to all the women of the society who have been struggling for more than 40 years to bring an effective change and make Manipur into drug-free society, Ramani said. It is a totally baseless recommendation to choose and pick legalization of ganja as an alternative means of controlling drug issues and a source of income generation, she added.

She also questioned all related authorities and the government to give clear response to the question in the minds of the people as to where all those seized drugs, worth millions, are kept and stored.

Stating that there are more than enough family crisis and tension in the state due to drugs and alcohol consumption, Ramani stated that legalization of ganja in the state will provoke negative subject for all the women and mothers in the state. She warned that it will only result in mass destruction of generations.

President of Apunba Nupi Kanba Ema Lup Phanjoubam Sakhi also strongly opposed the topic on legalisation of ganja and questioned whereabouts of those seized drugs by the authorities in the state. Civil society organisations and various other bodies are openly destroying the drugs and alcohols seized but where are the drugs and such items seized by authorities and where are they kept, Sakhi questioned.

The women organizations resolved and stated that the present government must take wise decision and prior concern be given in uprooting the issues of alcohol and drugs in the state; to take up these serious matters in the ongoing legislative Assembly session, even at least during zero hour  as a matter of state interest.

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