WMLU condemns demarcation survey at Wangdei Meitei Leikai

WMLU condemns demarcation survey at Wangdei Meitei Leikai

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IMPHAL: The Wangdei Meitei Leikai Union (WMLU) (village no-91-Meitei Langol, Imphal west) has strongly condemned the demarcation survey done at the Wangdei Meitei Leikai which comprised of about 30 households amid Covid-19 lockdown without providing any prior information and knowledge of the elders or locality authority and other localities, declaring it as very unfortunate. It is said that the Wangdei village has been included in the map of revenue area.

The statement was made to media persons by the Advisor of WMLU Sapamcha Jadumani during a press conference held at Wangdei Community Hall, Langol on Monday.

Addressing media persons, Sapamcha Jadumani informed that the village has been included in the revenue map and was established in the year 1990 for all the Manipuri men who had married women of different tribes of Nagaland. He further informed that on May 8, 2020 Friday, a forest department team led by Divisional Forest, Central Forest Division R.K Amarjit Singh including numbers of police personnel came at Wangdei for demarcation survey during nationwide lockdown without any issuing any notification. It is said that the village/place was provided for the welfare of people of inter caste family and accepted by the Manipur government, added Sapamcha Jadumani.

He further said that on that day the localities of Wangdei and authority approached the team forest department to give a chance of show various documents like Dag Chitha, official documents but the official refused it. He appealed to the state government to take an action against the forest department for threatening the local residents and violating the guidelines of lockdown. It may be mentioned that when N. Biren Singh was the minister, he along with Advisor of the union Sapamcha Jadumani visited the village during which Biren Singh had vowed that such place should be preserved and protected. He questioned on the reason that caused the village which is included within the map of revenue has been included in the demarcation survey, said Sapamcha Jadumani.

During demarcation survey, the women folk of Nagaland like Ao, Seema, Angami tribes who were married to Manipuri men and settled at the village asked to the DFO RK. Amarjit Singh, if their undertaking was an act/policy of government trying to chase back all of them to the Nagaland now or is this an act of trying to do away the loving relationship of the two communities namely Meitei and Naga which have been surviving together peacefully. Taking the matter very seriously, the advisor of the union said that its union will submit a memorandum to the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh. He appealed to the government to take action against those officials who have violated the lockdown guidelines.

He narrated that that the Manipuris of Makokchung town in Nagaland appealed to the then CM RK. Dorendrajit Singh to arrange a place for those Manipuris people who had married women belonging to Naga tribes of Nagaland namely Ao, Angami, Sema, Lotha and Konyak and had been settled that place for many years. The reason for their migration was that the Manipuris people cannot purchase land there even though they were married to Naga women. The Makokchung Manipuri Union (MMU) also submitted a memorandum to then Chief Minister of Manipur Rishang Keishing and to then Deputy-Chief Minister Irengbam Tompok Singh in the past. CM Rishang Keishing accepted the proposal of MMU of providing a place and later made known to the settlement department. The MMU also further approached to then RK. Ranbir Sana. After that a meeting was hold between MMU and then organization named Poramlen Apunba Sapamcha led by founder president Sapamcha Jadumani during early 1990s. Later, the founder president met with people of Uripok, Naoremthong, Iroisemba and Lalambung and discussed about the matter. Like this, the Wangdei Meitei Leikai was established at the side of the stream of Langol Lairembi on December 10 in the year 1990. Now, the people of Wangdei felt so apprehensive thinking that are going to be chased out from this village.

A villager of Wangdei from Sema Tribe Yakhaili Sema wife of Pukhrambam Rajendra Khuman Meitei said that we have been living in this village for about 30 years and have six children and even got grandchildren now. She drew the attention of the state government to take the right step on this matter and saying that it will be very hard for them to move back in Nagaland for settlement. She also appealed to the state government to let the villagers settle peacefully with those Manipuris married to women of Naga Tribes of Nagaland and also further appealed to government to take up measures in order to let them survive without any apprehension as before in the village.

Another woman from Ao tribe Narola wife of Kshetrimayum Brajakumar said that even some of her grandchildren has almost completed graduation and they have been living peacefully and with love in this village for many years since 1990. But unfortunately on May 8, 2020 Friday, a team of forest department including state police personnel’s came in the village and started demarcation survey without any concerned of the villagers of Wangdei which is very unfortunate and disappointing. If the government act like this the villagers of Wangdei would not have a place to live, she said.

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