WinG Manipur strongly condemns

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IMPHAL: The WinG Manipur on Friday has condemned in the strongest terms, the cruel and blatant refusal for treatment by hospitals to a young expectant mother.

Women in Governance (WinG) Manipur expressed its deepest condolence and sympathy to the family and kin of Kanpatliu Kamei, the young expectant mother, who passed away on August 6, 2020 after being denied treatment by more than five hospitals in Senapati and Imphal.

In a press release signed by its convenor Noninala Narengbam, it was stated that the members of the organisation are dismayed and appalled to learn about the circumstances leading to Kamei’s untimely demise. The unfortunate incident could have been averted had the hospital been more humane and sensitive towards the young woman, it asserted.

It was further stated that, Kamei’s unfortunate death has exposed the loopholes in the healthcare system, infrastructure, and functioning. Most of all the callous behavior of health professionals in the state, both private and government have come out in the open, the press release remarked.

“There are allegations of hospitals denying admission to patients with several illnesses, some acute and chronic, during the ongoing pandemic lockdown. Today another 5 days old baby died after being referred by a doctor to Churachandpur district hospital and being denied treatment there. In another case a 35-year-old Md lqbal Khan succumbed to his illness on the road as he was being referred in tandem from one hospital to another in Thoubal and Imphal,” said the release.

WinG- Manipur is extremely concern and worried about this prevailing situation. We would like to bring to the kind attention of state authorities, related departments, to take these matter seriously and look into how private, government healthcare centers can be made more friendly and accessible. The WinG urged the state government to ensure relief for victims of such misfortune, said the release.

The state government was also further urged to issue strict guidelines, monitor, and ensure healthcare centers and medical hospitals are accessible for all during pandemic lockdown.

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