Why Manipur Need Biren for Next 10 years

Why Manipur Need Biren for Next 10 years

Naorem Mohen

When we have a leader with Patriotism blood more thicker than political ambitions, we will get the best governance. Biren is the perfect Chief Minister whose patriotism was tested from time to time. As mark Twain says, Patriotism is supporting your Country all the time, and your government when it deserves it. Indeed, Manipur need Biren for next 10 years!

Mount Herriet to Mount Manipur is a recent gift by CM N Biren Singh to the people of Manipur. This is indeed, the greatest tribute by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah to our brave forefathers. Ever since N Biren became the Chief Minister of Manipur, centre has been blessing the State. Centre regards Biren as their best friend.

For the first time, Political leaders has acknowledged about the war fought by our forefathers. What is more sentimental is that Amit Shah proudly announced to the world that we have our own Constitution. No one ever talk about our Constitution, our brave forefathers and our history so accurately. And credit must be given to N Biren, for we know he is one such leader who always informed the Centre about our glorious past history.

Manipur needs Biren, same as India need Modi. The country got such a Prime Minister after a long wait who speaks of inclusiveness of entire Country in the development of Nation. We also got our Chief Minister who strives to bridge the gap between valley and hills of the State. Five years is not enough to change the fate of our state which was paralysed and bed ridden since the last 15-20 years due to ethnic conflicts, prolonged economic failure and anti people leadership.

However, next year 2022 is acid test for Biren. There is no doubt that BJP government will return again. However, as infighting amongst the leaders is gaining momentum and factionalism grows bigger. Other parties like National People’s Party, Naga Peoples Front and Indian National Congress are waiting for an opportunity to hit the last nail in the coffin of Biren’s government.

Why everyone hates Biren is simple, he talks a lot, exposing his opponents. Unlike his predecessors, who never utter a word, Biren speaks and acts, alarming about the corrupt politicians. He wants to inform the people what will happen in Manipur if we do not changed out mindset.

People hate those who speak truth. Biren tries to change Manipur, going along with Modi and Amit Shah. Within 4 years, Manipur is marching ahead. The tiny state in the remotest part of the Country is now a National asset. Media reacts to every issues happening in Manipur, which were not seen in the last 20 years.

The development schemes and projects started by Biren in the last 4 years are in infancy. Changing a leadership at this crucial period will slow down the development. We have to develop the National Highways, ready for Railways to touch the Imphal City, the opening of Act East policy in full swing. For this, we have to give Biren full absolute power to nurture his ideas and dream. Frankly speaking, he is the only leader who stands out in terms of patriotism, Nationalism and Unity in the state.

Manipur is not a power house of Sports anymore. Except for few individual sports, other states like Haryana and Jharkhand have outplaced Manipur in the last few years. The special gesture shown by Biren in the recently concluded Tokyo Olympic Games has revived the sporting spirit of our athletes. The policies and encouragement from Biren Government is praiseworthy. Earlier, our athletes don’t have a godfather of sports. Recently, they have seen Biren as their friend, father and mentor. And we hope that Manipur will regain the title of power house of sports in the Country, producing more Asian and Olympic medalist.

Several small entrepreneurs have been given the opportunity to contribute to State economy for self reliance. Manipur topped the highest registration of MSME in the entire Northeast, indicating something big is happening in the days to come. We will be the fastest economic growth in the region. For this we need people centric government, which believes in aggressive push for entrepreneurship to the educated youths of the State.

While the previous governments were confined to the valley administration only, Biren go ahead a step in showing Manipur government is not limited to valley. The Cabinet Meeting in hill district headquarters is an example. Some might criticize this step as eye washing the public. But, it is a small step towards all round administration. This is the first of its kind in entire Country. We have set an example of effective administration. We are worried, whosever, comes after Biren will not continue this meeting in the hills.

When Okram Ibobi was the Chief Minister, with absolute majority of more than 48 MLAs, he failed to unite the hills and valley. He could not convene a simple meeting; leave aside the State Cabinet in the District Head quarters. Rather, he was attacked, ambushed and chased by the hill people when he went to visit hills on several occasions.

Hills, which never welcome Manipur government before is now welcoming Biren’s “Go to Hills” mission. The hills need more development in the coming years. Even if the budget allocated to the hills are not doubled or tripled than before, the funds meant for the people, the schemes and projects are received by the people directly from Biren’s initiative of Go to Hills.

The hills have found their leaders from the valley in Biren. Everyone feels safe and secure in his governance. This gesture is seen clearly from the huge gatherings of people’s participation in development, despite restrictions by certain Civil Societies and Organistions.

Valley people got much awaited the Inner Line Permit system. This system will surely protect the land in the coming days, if properly implemented. In the coming days, valley needs a good leadership who can deliver more rights to protect themselves. Ever since Manipur became part of India, the valley people are neglected, discriminated and constitutionally harassed. We have to get rid of Armed Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA), implementation of Act East Policy, the protection of 6 percent of our lands and to reduce the hill valley divide by rectification and amendment of certain Acts.

Bharatiya Janata Party will have to groom a new leader if they want to replace Biren. However, it will take another 5 to 10 years to search such leadership. Biren is a patriot, a Nationalist and son of the soil who even wish to sacrifice his life for the integrity of the State. It would be graveyard for the party to think of replacing Biren at this juncture. The Centre leadership and State BJP must clearly understand that once Biren government is toppled, the party has to sit idle for the next 15-20 years.

With the support of Narendra Modi, the BJP lead government is successfully implementing the CM health card, CM’s health for all, Start up, Stand up, STAR Education Manipur and various schemes for the people of Manipur. Five years is a very short period, but Biren is leading the front with various people centric schemes and good governance. Give him another 10 years; Manipur will become one of the fastest developed states in the Country!

The Writer is Social Media Campaigner in Indian Election, Part time Psephologist & former Guest Lecturer, Mass Communication, Manipur University.

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