Why are the Chief Minister and the BJP still silent on drug allegations, asks CPI

TMB Report

IMPHAL: CPI Manipur State Council has asked the Chief Minister and BJP as to why they are still silent after the allegations leveled against them by former NAB additional SP Th. Brinda Devi in an affidavit to the Manipur High Court mentioning that pressures were given on her by others including CM N. Biren himself for the release of Lhukhosei Zou.

In a press release issued by L. Sotinkumar it was stated that CPI MSC found it amazing that it has been a week since the content of the affidavit was broadcasted but CM N Biren haven’t yet given any clarification nor reacted with his statement on many strong allegations made by Th Brinda Devi in the affidavit submitted in connection with a suo-motu criminal contempt case registered by High Court of Manipur.

CPI MSC remarked the perception of the people of Manipur on the case is the possible involvement of CM N. Biren and interference in the process of the special court for justice, as well as functioning of police officers who are working hard day and night trying to seize drugs including Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

Even though the scathing charges mentioned by Brinda in the affidavit had gone viral and became a burning topic in many national channels including BBC, the BJP Manipur Pradesh and BJP National leadership haven’t put out any statement regarding the matter, added the press release.

In a democratic country, if the opposition party or media made allegations and charges against the Prime Minister, Chief Minister or Council of Ministers, they should resign from their chair on moral ground until an independent enquiry committee probe is conducted to determine whether the allegation is true or not. And, therefore if the enquiry committee probe leads a decision acquitting them of the allegation, they can be returned to their position with their prestige restored. This is the true color of democracy people believe in under the Constitution of India, mentioned the press release.

CPI Manipur State Council demanded immediate action to hand over alleged drug kingpin Lhukhozei Zou case to Central Bureau Investigation (CBI) and sought the resignation of CM Biren on moral ground in the face of the allegations by former NAB Addl. SP Th. Brinda before the High Court of Manipur.

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