Wholesalers put under scanner of UCM Special Task Force

TMB Report

IMPHAL: Stating that almost all shops in Imphal and other districts remained closed due to unavailability of stock of essential commodities as fallout of the ongoing lockdown, the Special Task Force of the United Committee Manipur has started monitoring traders who are on the lookout to make profit by taking advantage of the desperate situation.

In a statement, UCM cautioned that the wholesalers and distributors should not sell essential commodities at inflated rates over the fixed market price as prescribed by the authority. Special Task Force of UCM has started monitoring the dealers involved in monopolizing the market and appealed to the retailers to give information about the wholesalers selling essential commodities at inflated rates.

It further said that following a decision to extend its best support to the people of the state who are experiencing a hard life due to the prolonged lockdown, UCM was able to provide relief assistance to the aggrieved people who approached the organization through their concerned local MLAs and government agencies. To strengthen its activities, UCM constituted Special Task Force on April 1 and began its activities after holding a talk with the government.

Reiterating that State Government is exerting all efforts to combat COVID-19, UCM decided to help the Government in the fight given the fact that a collective effort to combat the deadly virus is the need of the hour.  Government, despite its best effort, cannot resolve the grievances the people are experiencing by 100 percent. Hundreds of people are still deprived of relief materials although the concerned district administrations are managing to distribute relief materials to the people, who are not covered by the local MLAs, due to various factors. Besides, UCM has received various complaints from the aggrieved people of both the hills and valley who are deprived of the relief materials provided by the Government agency and local MLAs. The special task force was formed to make up for the loopholes of the Government.

Maintaining that failure on the part of the people to properly obey public curfew and social distancing norms, refusing home quarantine and wearing masks will lead to fast spread of the virus in the state, UCM in coordination with the government will begin mass awareness campaigns to implement the government advisory. It also appealed to the local clubs and NGOs to extend support to ensure that the relief materials reach out to the needy properly in a transparent manner.

At a time when the present generation is facing a world war like situation, it is not the right time we work for personal and political interest, UCM appealed to the MLAs, social workers and ration agents to avoid playing politics in distributing relief items.

Stating that STF/UCM has started monitoring the wholesalers, it said that UCM on Wednesday at about 3.30 PM raided the godowns at Mantripukhri and detected huge stockpiles of huge essential items. The STF team warned the wholesalers to distribute the items to the people at reasonable price.

At about 4.30 pm, UCM team led by its president and Secretary met the authority of RIMS and requested to provide essential commodities to the attendants of the patients during the lockdown, to which the RIMS authority replied positively.

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