Where’s the Dignity of labour?

In life, everyone is fighting a battle of their own, a battle to protect to defend or to defeat. In other may never understand. There are the farmers in the fields laboring day and night despite the rain the sun or the storm to produce and supply for their family the housewife doing  everything in her power to a maintain the family. there are the teachers   the lecturers the professors who prepare and teach in their respective educational institutions, so as to earn and supply for  their family even as they impart knowledge to students. And  there are the doctors, the engineers and every working person on this planet fighting daily for their survivor easy for some difficult for others and unbearable of many. In other words everyone labours through the day to provide for their family and to survive. And regardless of the level of work or employment or the labour the end result all seems to be the same. But the sad truth is that despite the fight of equally of labour and the dignity for it there seems to exist in a social evil in the society and that is the value and dignity of labour depending on what one does.

The sad truth about the world despite the call and fight for equality in all aspects and dignity of all is that we live in a society obsessed with ranks positions educational degrees and the likes that one usually tends to look down or ignore those they consider in the lower ranks. Hence came the existence of White collar jobs, Pink collar jobs and the blue collar jobs where in the those with White Collar Jobs are considered more professional and hence above the other two where the Blue collar job are those skilled or unskilled labourers who are mostly into manual labour works. And this is where we lose the dignity of labours or job.

International Workers’ Day also known as Workers’ Day Labour Day in some countries and often referred to as Mayday is a celebration of labourers and the working classes it is a day set aside to honour them and their labour. But even as the world observes May day or the International Workers Day the sad truth is the inequality of labour or the lost of dignity of labour where manual daily labourers are looked down and discriminated. They are considered the lowest in society like the Shudras of the India caste system. In the Indian caste system one learns of Brahmins priestly people and the top of the society the Kshatriyas also called Rajanyas who were rulers administrators and warriors and were ranked second in society the Vaishyas artisans merchants tradesmen and farmers coming in the third and Shudras labouring classes the lowest in the society. And  considering how daily wage and manual labourers are viewed today nothing seems to have change in the Indian working society. Many still think that White Collar jobs are the most important while the Blue collar jobs are not.

So in society obsessed with high ranking jobs where the labourers are looked down where do they stand? And what is the use observing International Workers’ Day year after year if one does not change their mentality towards the dignity of labours or the working class society. And as much as a servant of the Indian Administrative Service is important to the country so is the farmer laboring in his field to produce crop for the family. As much as a doctor is important for the health of the society so is the hospital sweeper’s duty. Every job every work has its importance for the society and hence it is important that the dignity of labor is important too.      

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