Whereabouts of one state youth unknown in Bangalore

Whereabouts of one state youth unknown in Bangalore

TMB Report

Thoubal: Whereabouts of a 21-year old State youth from Khangabok, Thoubal District remained unknown at Bangalore city. A written complaint report requesting to find the missing youth has been filed by the mother at Thoubal Police on Saturday evening.

The identity of the missing youth is Luwangton Wahengbam (21), son of Wahengbam Ongbi Thaba of Khangabok market, Thoubal District.

The complaint report made available to media persons from the victim family stated that their son Luwangton Wahengbam has been staying at plot number 40 SFO Company Hanuman Temple Link Road Mukundra Bakery, Bangalore, Karnataka for service at SFO Company Private Limited Plastic Division, Karnataka – 560099.

The report further stated that Luwangton had scheduled to come to Manipur by train but he unfortunately missed out and his whereabouts remains unknown then.

“We are not able to contact him now, his flight to Manipur was also booked on June 8, 2020. In these circumstances, I am very worried”, added the report.

The report also mentioned that it is heard that some miscreants beats him in the question of his race, so it is a case of racial abuse, it is also heard that he is carrying a head injury, so kindly do the needful in finding her son and help in bringing him to Manipur”, the report added.

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