Whatsapp group extends help

Whatsapp group extends help

TMB Report

Bishnupur: In view of the Covid-19 lockdown, Whatsapp group of Police & Community Liaison Group Bishnupur has distributed relief materials and essential commodities to selected 50 most Covid-19 lockdown affected families in Bishnupur District on Thursday at the office of SP Bishnupur.

SP Bishnupur Priyadarshini Laishram, other police officers of Bishnupur, leaders of meira paibis and members of the Whatsapp group took part at the relief materials distribution.

The SP said that the Police & Community Liaison Group Bishnupur formed on December last to build a good relation between the police and public and to discuss the welfare of Bishnupur District, took up the initiatives of the distribution of relief materials to the selected Covid-19 lockdown affected 50 families. The materials were purchased from the donation made by the members of the group and other police officers. SP Priyadarshini Laishram expressed gratitude to the donors.

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