‘War on Drugs will be successful only with a sincere policy of the govt’

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Ningol Club Heirok has asserted that the fights waged as “War on Drugs” will be successful only after there is a sincere and fair policy of the state government.

In a press release of the Ningol Club Heirok signed by the secretary publicity Ningthoujam Sushma, the organization drew the attention of the state government to judge with honesty and showing the real perception of War on Drugs in order to save the society from the graveyard of drugs.

While the rate of widowhood has been increasing constantly in the state, many young women have been forced to become widow. Moreover, the future of the coming generation were seems to be bleak and there is real fear of their survival as the young boys and girls are continuously floated in the waves of drugs, she added.

On the other side, creating problems, chaos in the family and social disorder are the only byproducts of using drugs and alcohol, and those persons who are not into substance abuse can be easily counted with the fingers in the localities.

While, Manipur is a state which is extremely rich in natural resources which can last for more than 300 years and there are many types of products in the natural form like limestone, Uranium, Chromate and medicinal herbs which are also available abundantly. Instead of marching on the front, problems have been created in the society through the imposition of black laws creating military warfare which had brought misery and chaos in the family and community, she continued.     

In the press release, the Ningol Club upheld the wisdom of participating in the fight together to demolish the drugs mafia groups. It further added that it was quite unfortunate to learn that the state law enforcing agency and judges had been cooperating and saving those drug lords instead of giving them punishment.

Further, the concern state authority and enforcing agency seem to be deceiving the people of the state on the real intention of war on drugs basing on the bail given to an alleged drug lord, transferring of Additional SP and transferring the Judges during the period of conducting the case, during which loss of original samples of drug were noted and political pressures were exerted for the release of a person caught red handed with drugs.

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