War against drugs awareness campaign held at Heikhru Makhong

War against drugs awareness campaign held at Heikhru Makhong

TMB Report

Imphal: With the objective of wiping out drugs from the surface of the Manipur society, the Anti-Drugs Joint Committee (ADJC), Kairang, Khumidok, Khabeisoi and User Connection & Support Committee Kangleipak (UCSCK) organized an awareness campaign on “War against Drugs” at Khurai Khumidok Bazar, Heikru Makhong on Friday.

Speaking to media persons, Secretary of Anti-Drugs Joint Committee Kairang Awang Leikai Anwar Shah said that the main objective of forming the anti-drugs joint committee was to erase the drugs totally from the society of Manipur as the intoxicants are heavily abused by the population of youths.

He said that UCSCK and ADJC have been jointly working in connection with the drugs issue since the month of September. He said that those drug users who have been nabbed during the drives totalling around 200 have been successfully kept in those coordinate rehabilitation centres with the committees. Among the 200 held drugs users, some are from poor families’ background, he added.

Anwar informed that the two committees also extended financial assistance to the drug users who cannot afford to pay for the centres and to the family members of the users too in order to bring them back on the right path. Such a war against drug awareness campaign will be organized in other parts of the State in the future, he said and appealed to all the locality organizations, clubs to support the two committees during the conduct of every anti-drugs drive at their respective locality.

During the awareness campaign, intoxicants, items and equipment of drugs were burnt and destroyed.

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