Voting in favour of Leishemba Sanajaoba does not attract disqualification: Cong MLAs Rk. Imo, O. Henry

Cong will never come back to power with Ibobi as its leader: RK Imo

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IMPHAL: Congress MLAs RK Imo (Sagolband AC) and Okram Henry (Wangkhei AC) have submitted reply to the Show cause notice to the president Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee explaining why they floor crossed to vote for BJP’s candidate Maharaja Leishemba Sanajaoba during the Rajya Sabha poll held on July 19, 2020.

MLA Rk Imo in his reply flatly denied in to-to the allegations as stated in the show cause notice served to him on 24th July, 2020 citing it “grossly misconceived and misplaced”.

Regarding the allegation that MLA RK Imo deliberately breached and acted against the decision of the Indian INC which is detrimental in maintaining the party principle, he confessed that he had voted in favour of Leishemba Sanajaoba in the recent Rajya Sabha Election as he strongly felt that the titular Manipur King to be the most deserving and capable person to hold the post of the Member of Rajya Sabha as he represents the collective will of the people of Manipur.

He stated that Leishemba Sanajaoba was personally known to him and his committed desire to serve the people of Manipur, both from Hill and Valley-alike with utmost sincerity, dedication and commitment.

Voting in favour of the Maharaja of Manipur may have deviated from the political interest of the INC, but going by my conscience, I owe it to the people of Manipur to vote for the best candidate to represent the State in the lone Member of Parliament of Rajya Shabha from Manipur who will best serve the interest of the people of Manipur, the MLA said. Moreover, conjoint reading of the provisions of Section 59 of the Representations of People Act, 1951; the provisions of the Constitution of India and the rules framed by Election Commission of India; the whip issued by a political party does not apply in the Election to Council of States (Rajya Shabha), Rk Imo said adding that the Supreme Court of India, in the case of Kuldip Nayar Vs. Union of India has settled the Law of the land under Article 141 of the Constitution of lndia that an elected MLA would not face any disqualification from the membership of the house for voting in a particular manner in the election for Rajya Shabha. Having said that, I am still a member of INC and so far I have never made any statement against the party, nor do I intend to make any such statement in future. I do firmly reiterate at the cost of repetition that. l have never voluntarily given up my political party lNC as alleged in the show cause notice, RK Imo stated.

The Congress MLA also strongly denounced the leadership of Okram lbobi Singh as the Congress Legislative Party (CLP) Leader, citing that the Congress party would never come back to power in the State so long as self-serving person like 0. lbobi Singh remains as its leader.

He stated that  removal of O Ibobi from the leadership of CLP would be in the best interest of the INC and  that many MLAs and other leaders of the party will surely come back to strengthen the INC in the State when Ibobi is scrapped of CLP leadership. If he remains as leader of CLP then irreparable loss may ensue to the Congress Party as many more MLAs and leaders of the Congress party may leave the party if 0. lbobi Singh continues as leader of CLP, as they lack confidence in the present leadership, Imo added.

He went on to state that 0. lbobi Singh is misleading the Congress party by trying to create political unrest in the State, for his own selfish political interest, especially at this crucial juncture of Covid-19 pandemic.

Stating that there is a serious discontentment amongst the members of the Congress party against 0. lbobi Singh, MLA RK Imo stated that 0. lbobi Singh is a kind of person who only thinks about his personal gain and always tries to promote his immediate family members only, by setting aside or victimizing the real and hardworking leaders in the Congress Patty. His involvement in various scandals, Including Central Bureau of Investigation (CB!) cases has destroyed the credibility of Congress party in the State.

Despite being an ace leader who had the capability of ruling the State for 15 years, his lackadaisical attitude and gross arrogance has resulted to slipping away of power from the hands of the Congress Party in the 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly Election held in the year 2017, even though the party became single largest party, thereby winning 28 seats. As a result of this, several MLAs and former Ministers of the Party who were all very close to him, left the party.

Another major set-back of the Congress Party in the State is the perverse action of 0. lbobi Singh. who removed and sidelined T.N. Haokip as President of Pradesh Congress Committee, unceremoniously just before the last Lok Sabha Election, which also resulted in Congress Party losing both seats of the Lok Sabha. In view of such facts,  there is a large scale feeling of discontentment amongst the Congress Workers in the State of Manipur; and many leaders. Well-wishers and patrons ofthe Congress party are in the verge of quitting the party, he added.

Explaining why he traveled with Chief Minister N Biren in the same flight during a Delhi trip, the MLA clarified that there is no rule in India which prohibits travelling of Chief Minister and MLAs in the same night irrespective of whether they belong to the same or different political parties. On top of it, no rules or any laws have been framed in India which prohibits sharing of a same flight by a father and his son/son-in-law, even if they belong to different political party. As such, questioning on such a small and trifling issue is very unfortunate and such action has the potential of setting wrong precedent at the hands of the INC.

He recalled that Congress MLA Keisham Meghachandra had accompanied Chief Minister N Biren on a helicopter and attended “World Meetei Convention 2020″ held on 4th March. 2020 at Lamargram Village in Cachar District of Assam.

If any adverse action is contemplated against me for travelling with Chief Minister N Biren, then the Congress party should also take the same action against MLA Keisham Meghachandra for travelling along with Chief Minister on the same helicopter, he demanded.

Congress MLA O Henry also denied the entire allegations stated in the show cause notice citing “baseless”. 

Justifying his voting in favour of Leishemba Sanajaoba in the recent RS Poll 2020, he clarified that he had voted in favour of the titular King Maharaja Leishemba Sanajaoba as he strongly believed that His Highness has ushered peace and harmony between the Hill and Valley people in the State of Manipur.

Being a titular King of Manipur, Leishemba Sanajaoba has played the vital role in bringing solution to the misunderstanding between the Hill and Valley and that his selfless efforts have resulted to a wide spread communal harmony in the State of Manipur and as such voting and thereby electing the Maharaja of Manipur was in national interest as the Maharaja of Manipur stands for national integrity and communal harmony.

He stated that he had to choose his moral ground over the party decision and elected Maharaja Sanajaoba as Rajya Sabha, Member of Parliament in National Interest.

The MLA confessed that he had attended a felicitation ceremony of the newly elected MP Leishemba Sanajaoba. He, however, stated that the Congress party has wrongly interpreted his presence in the function. He clarified that he had gone to attend a meeting in connection with the problems faced by the various Quarantine Centers in his Assembly Constituency with the Chief Minister of Manipur (then in-charge of Health Department) and the officers of the Health Department in view of prevailing Covid-19 Pandemic. He co-incidentally found the felicitation programme on the same day. Being a responsible elected representative, he had to congratulate the titular King on seeing him on the said day for his victory in the Rajya Sabha Election. As such, interpreting his presence in Covid-l9 related meeting(s) with Chief Minister should not be termed as anti-party activities.

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