Volunteers repair road

TMB Report

Ccpur: Volunteers of  Khuga Tampak Youth Association (KTYA) and Khuga Tampak Elder Society took up the initiative of repairing roads at their localities leading to  Zomunnuam, Hiangzhou, North Yaiphakol, and New Zoveng in Saikot AC under Churachandpur district on Tuesday.

The localities have to take the initiative of carrying out the laying of shingle at the road which is about 1 km long due to government apathy for more than 20 years.

After collecting donation of Rs 500 per household  the organiser had bought 30 trips of rocks and sand which cost Rs 1800 per trip. The fact that their road was intolerable and in a very bad shape made the measure necessary.

Secretary of KTYA Amir Maibam along with the president of Village Elder Society S Ibungo said that their areas were not covered by the concerned MLA and MDC  and they are contributing among the households as a last resort to make their roads convenient to themselves and other commuters.

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