Vendor held for selling harmful dyed eggs

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Designated Officer Food Safety Administration along with its team apprehended a vendor selling dyed eggs from Tribal Market, New Lambulane in Imphal East district.

The statement was made by Designated Officer Food Safety Administration Tekcham Brojendro Khaba Meitei during a press meet held at Directorate Health and Services, Lamphelpat on Wednesday.

Addressing media persons, he said that the brown dyed egg can slowly lead to health hazards after consuming it for a long period of time and can even lead our life to a dangerous situation. Stating this he appealed to all the citizens and sections in the society of state to check the egg properly before purchasing them after sorting out whether it is dyed or not with the help of small pieces of lemon and cotton. The brown dyed eggs are sold in the market disguised as superior quality at higher price even though the dye makes them a potential health threat.

He further said that the eggs can be keep in normal atmosphere for 31 days without losing any nutritive values but if they are kept in hot temperature for a long time then the eggs will naturally become decomposed/spoilt and loss all the quality nutritive values.

He appealed to all the buyers and every stakeholder to ask the wholesalers and retailer shops at which temperatures the eggs are being kept and if the eggs were not being kept in inappropriate temperature, she/he can complain and inform the designated officers of the respective district or medical directorate. Let us all support each other so that to provide awareness and avoid such kind of fraudulent business in the future.

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