‘Vehicles transporting stranded people must directly move to its destination’

‘Vehicles transporting stranded people must directly move to its destination’

TMB Report

KANGPOKPI: The Kangpokpi Youth Union who assisted the District police in monitoring the new lockdown guidelines at Kangpokpi DHQs came across a vehicle bearing West Bengal registration number stopping at Kangpokpi Bazar.

Immediately KYU Vice President Kamgougin Lunkim swung into action after informing the police and inquired the vehicle with the police. It came to light that the vehicle was transporting those stranded people of Manipur from Kolkata, West Bengal. It also came to light that more vehicles were on it way. The KYU leader and police on duty quickly sent them to their destination and told them not to stop by till they reached it.

We understand how much those stranded people and the driver will suffer having a long journey. At the same time, it is also very important to take precautions since they come from COVID-19 affected state, even if we want to help them, KYU Vice President Kamgougin Lunkim said.

He continued that such vehicles transporting stranded people stopping at public places before reaching their destination and necessary procedure have been done will create apprehension for all. It is unavoidable they can stop by in some isolated place but not in Bazar area or public places, Lunkim added.

He also said that KYU is willing to help them if such vehicles transporting the stranded people officially informed about their travelling time and date.

Meanwhile, quick changes in lockdown guidelines and lack of timely disseminating the information rendered in crowding vehicles and people today at Kangpokpi DHQs.

Kangpokpi police and KYU had a hard time once again in controlling the crowd and vehicles owing to misunderstanding of the latest guidelines.

Many private vehicles were seen plying and crowding at Kangpokpi DHQs which were detained by the police for violating the new guidelines. However, the violators told the police that they were not aware of the latest guidelines which restricted private vehicles without pass.

With the instructions of SP Kangpokpi, elderly persons violating the guideline were first release and other were release later after strict warning and briefing them about the new guidelines.

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