VDF association temporarily suspends indefinite strike

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The All Manipur VDF Welfare Association (AMVDFWA) has temporarily suspended its indefinite gun down and pen down strike on Monday.

In the press release the All Manipur VDF Welfare Association (AMVDFWA) stated that the association furthered decided to find out facts and the details from the concern authorities on the matter of raising the remuneration to Rs 9500 and whether it includes an amount of Rs 2000 for ration money.

Hence, the AMVDFWA has suspended the indefinite strike temporarily as it has taken an appointment to meet Chief Minister for further discussion on that particular matter, the note said.

 The association said that the indefinite strike of laying gun down by the VDF servicemen were taken up as an act of opposing the remuneration orders of Rs 9500 (including Rs 2000 of ration money) issued by the home department which was served on May 7.

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