Vandalism of Exam centre: Govt must punish the culprits

Students appearing Class X examinations conducted by the Board of Secondary Education, Manipur (BOSEM) who attacked and vandalized the exam centre at Lilong should not be spared. In the said incident, a teacher and over 20 students were injured, vehicles in value of lakhs were vandalized by the students. Why? Because, students in a certain examination hall were given extra time as invigilators had taken time beyond the limited time and were told that they would be given extra time; and because, students in some examination halls were not given the extra time. Yes, the students might have their reasons but that doesn’t given them the right to turn violent and destroy the infrastructure of the institution, injure the teacher and destroy the vehicles. And what were the students really thinking?

It is hard to imagine that students, who spent about 12 years of their lives to reach Class X and appear for, probably, one of the biggest exams of their lives would turn violent and destroy the very institution where they learnt all about life. What did they really learn all through the years? Just to read and write with not manners or morals? Difficult to fathom as one would not deny that moral science or manners were not a part of their educational curriculum. But again, considering the educational situation in the state, it is not difficult to imagine that such things are happening, sadly though. Even though the students might be right in their own way, they have no right to destroy and vandalise school properties, injured a teacher or the vehicles there. So, what is the government going to do now?

It should be an easy call for the government – Punish them. For such is not the way the students should behave. The students have every right to protest and raise their voice if things about education and the educational system are not right. They have the right to protest if they are being neglected of their rights in education (in this case, if they were not given extra time as promised). But that does not give them the right to turn violent and brutal on the institution and teacher. Hence, it is every right of the government to make a move and take action against those guilty of the event. Having said that it is also important that the government investigates into the matter and make the right judgment. And if the government let go such incident easily, it must be ready to face such more violent act from students in the future.

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