Urea fertilizers distributed to farmers

TMB Report

Bishnupur: Social Worker from Salankonjin under Kumbi A/C Sanasam Premchandra and BJP Kumbi Mandal jointly distributed 40 bags of Urea fertilizer to 80 farmers of Haotak Tampha Khunou Makha Leikai under Kumbi A/C on Sunday at Haotak Tampha Khunou makha leikaigi Community hall.

Social Worker Sanasam Premchandra, Chairperson Kumbi Municipal Council W. Priyoranjan also took part at the Urea fertilizer distribution occasion.

One of the farmers T. Momon praised Social worker Premchandra for bringing and distributing the Urea fertilizers at free of cost to the farmers of the area.

Face masks were also distributed along the distribution of the Urea fertilizers to the farmers with maintaining social distancing.

Sodium Hypochlorite solution was also handed over to the club of Haotak Tampha Khunou Makha Leikai to be sprayed.

On the other hand, Social worker Sanasam Premchandra along with BJP Kumbi Mandal distributed 50 bags of Urea fertilizer to the farmers of Wangoo Terakhong Gram Panchayat Ward No. 5 to Ward No. 8 at the resident of BJP Kumbi Mandal President S. Angousana on the same day.

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