Unrest in Borayangbi after woman allegedly killed by in-laws

TMB Report

BISHNUPUR: Public of Borayangbi Mayai Leikai convened a gathering on Wednesday and deliberated on the circumstances around the death of a local housewife Samirun @ Naobi, wife of Tamizur, strong suspicion that she might have been killed by her father-in-law and other family members.

According to information received, the villagers held serious belief that the woman was strangulated by her father in law Md Abdul Gafaar with the help of family members at their residence at around 8.10 pm yesterday night.  

The public meeting which was held at Borayangbi  Kuliyatun Banat Madrasha was presided over by a local elder Alhaj Halim Ali and condemned the alleged killing.

At the same time the villagers formed a body called the JAC against the Killing of Mrs. Samirun @ Nanaobi. Md. Yushuf Ali was chosen as the president, Md. Idrish Ali as Convenor, Md. Nasir Khan as Secretary to lead the committee.

Md Idrish Ali stated that there is a strong possibility that Samirun was murdered after she was subjected to heavy torture by her father-in-law, his wife and their two daughters. As a result, if the suspects in the killing are not arrested in accordance with law within 48 hours then the committee will take up intense measures, he said.

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