UNLF warns MP Ranjan

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The United national Liberation Front (UNLF) has lambasted MP Dr RK Ranjan for his statement made during a public function held at Khangabok on Sunday.

In a statement of the outfit, UNLF charged that the MP made a mockery of the oppressed people of the state who have been experiencing atrocities of the colonialism and relentlessly struggling against the colonialism for generations to come, apart from ridiculing the armed revolutionaries who are fighting to free the oppressed people from the colonial India. UNLF takes the statement of the MP as an inexcusable offence and as such the outfit has every reason to punish him at any opportune time. The very statement clearly shows that the MP is ignorant of his identity, history of the state, insensitive to the interest of his motherland. Whatever the MP said was to please his Delhi Boss, it said.

It said that eversince forcible annexation of Manipur into Indian Union, the socio-political lie of the people on the decline and the apprehension of possible extinct of the root of indigenous people have created a turmoil in the mind of the people. India still continued its policies to abolish the identity, culture and tradition of the indigenous people and to swallow the minority communities by major communities. For the purpose, India continues to devise suppressive measures to subdue the indigenous people in terms of political, social, economical sectors.

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