Understanding What Education Is!

‘Education Is Not the learning of facts, But the Training of the Mind To Think’

We live in time and period and in a society that is fascinated by degrees, certificates and diplomas. While most of our parents were happy to have not, and while our grandparents where happy to know that there were schools, today, we compete as to who has the highest degree in education. There was a time when a matriculation or a graduation was the talk of the village or town. there was a time when a graduate meant Educated and assured job. but times have changed to an extend graduates or even Master’s degree do not count much. Ph. D or Post Ph. D is the new talk . An MBBs was great then but now it has to be an MD. So much as the level of education gone up that one wonders what could be next. No one is satisfied with just a degree or a certificate today but wants to gain more, learn more and attain the highest level of education possible. And there is nothing wrong in that for it is a competition world we live in and the society sees those with highest level of education as the ‘Enlightened’, those the ‘Educated’, as ‘The One’ will bring a change in our society, for a better tomorrow.
Indeed, the so called educated loads have brought many changes to our society today, in their own ways and means. Perhaps, in being an IAS or MCS officers, or being Doctors, Engineers, Lecturers or Professors or a Doctorate and their families taking pride in the same. Who wouldn’t take pride in such honours when a family is judge by the society on the degrees, the certificates, the diplomas and the qualifications that they hold? Anyone with such high honour degree or status is considered a gem, an ‘Educated’ whose words should be listened and taken by all in consideration for any change or development of a society. And this is, perhaps, where education has completely misunderstood. Education is no doubt, the process of imparting or acquiring general Knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life.” Hence, we cannot deny it role in shaping our society today.
However, a closer look around and one would realized how badly education has been misunderstood to a whole level. Certificates, degrees and diplomas are considered as source of judging an individual’s educational level. Many thinking they have a degree or certificate in certain level, tend to influence the society in their own ways and whims. An individual may be educated, have a Master’s degree and is a civil service officer. However, that does not mean he will know about the functioning and works of a carpenter, a farmer or the likes. Or sometimes, even in the ways a society functions and works. However, being an ‘educated person’ they are often looked up to even if they have no experience .Many tend to speak on topics and issues they don’t know or understand but just because they have a degree or a certificate doesn’t give them the right to. Debates at village levels are one such classic example . No doubt, education is the essence for any nation to develop. However in the current scenario, education has been wrongly misunderstood , given the autonomy as the ‘know all’ while forgetting that it can mean having knowledge in a particular subject or topic. Moreover, educated, while it literally means be having the knowledge of a subject or a topic, it also means be having the knowledge of a subject or a topic, it also means who the individual treats another. It also means how a person sees his surroundings and act according and thus helps in bringing a change in the society. However, education has been wrongly understood as degrees and certificates in the current world and it needs to be change. If we think that such degrees, certificates and diplomas define education, we need to ask ourselves if we are really educated

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