UNACCO School cancels Admission Notice under Govt order

TMB Report

IMPHAL: Education (S) Department has directed the Management Committee, UNACCO School to withdraw the notice instructing the parents/guardians to re-admit their wards immediately.

T Ranjit, Commissioner, Education (S) Department has issued an official order to this effect on Friday.

In a statement, Education (S) Department said that it has been brought to the notice of the State Government that a notice was issued by the Chairman, Management Committee, UNACCO School thereby instructing the patents to re-admit their wards (if not done till date) in respect of two UNACCO schools and to complete all formalities for re-admission latest by 30th April,2020.

In view of the current lockdown measures imposed till 3rd May, 2020 by the Government to prevent/ contain the spread of Coronavirus, issue of such notice to the parents giving dateline at this critical juncture is considered ill-timed and not in the interest of both students and parents of the school.

Therefore, the Management Committee of UNACCO School is hereby informed to withdraw/cancel the said notice immediately. Any such similar administrative action (if necessary/required) may be issued only after the Iockdown is lifted by the Government. During the enforcement of current lockdown/curfew, all private schools located in the State are also informed not to issue such similar notices and the interest of the students should always be kept on top priority in their decision-making process especially under the present prevailing circumstances, it added.

Meanwhile, UNACCO School management cancelled its notice for re-admission of students.

The notice is hereby kept under abeyance till the current Lockdown/curfew imposed from the side of the Government is lifted.

All the parents/guardian concerned are informed that the issued notification, dated 20th April, 2020 for readmission and admission of their respective wards from the side of the school authority is on online basis for the convenience of the students to enable in participating in the ongoing online classes conducted in full swing by the concerned teachers. The other purpose is for checking overflow in capacity of the student strength in both the schools. The said notifications were never intended to be against the lockdown/curfew situation of the State, it clarified.

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