UKLF owns up to killing Thangminlen

UKLF owns up to killing Thangminlen

TMB Report

Imphal: The United Kuki Liberation Front (UKLF) has clarified that Thangminlen Guite alias T Guite, DC tactical HQ, KNO/KNA was awarded capital punishment for all his crimes against the outfit.

A press note issued by Joint Secretary T. James stated that with the report of Intelligent Cell of UKLF Thangminlen Guite was eliminated on his way to attack UKLF location at Forest Gate Moreh on Saturday.

Thangminlen Guite, son of (L) Thongul Guite, Yangngoubung village was a government teacher posted at Thingbongphai Government Aided Primary School, Tengnoupal district, while he also held a post in KNA/KNO as Deputy Commissioner, KNO/KNA Moreh. 

On July 13, 2018, Thangminlen Guite along with Thenkhothang alias Thahpi, OC of KNA/KNO Moreh had inhumanly attacked a local resident of Moreh namely M Onkholet Haokip with sophisticated weapons including bombs, it claimed.

Again on September 23, 2018 both the same persons attacked UKLF location at Forest Gate where Thangminlen Guite was severely injured.

Further on July 13, 2019, Thangminlen Guite brutally murdered (L) Leut. John Gangte, Moreh Town Commander, UKLF in broad daylight.

Furthermore, Thangminlen Guite instigated inter village feuds between Zion Veng and Munnomjang village in Moreh. Also, while visiting his family KT Misao, Vice-Chairman, UKLF was attempted to assassinate by Thangminlen Guite.

In the release, UKLF tendered apology to Md. Abas and his family members for injuring in today’s firing.

In response to the KNO press notes on breaking SoO ground rules, UKLF questioned where were SoO ground rules when KNA/KNO openly attacked and fired civilian residents including UKLF locations thrice, and brutally murdering two of UKLF officers by KNA/KNO in broad daylight in Moreh.

UKLF maintain and follow SoO ground rules with full spirit even when KNA/KNO repeatedly attacked and murdered its brave hearts in Moreh.

Thangminlen Guite was eliminated in self-defense from his further attacks on the outfit, the release stated.

How KNA/KNO can roam freely with weapons and repeatedly attacked civilian residents, UKLF asked, adding that KNA/KNO’s presence in Moreh 30 km away from their Chehlep designated Camp is totally an act of breaking SoO ground rules.

UKLF appealed to the concerned authority to take necessary action and contain all the KNA/KNO cadres in their designated camp for peace to prevail in Moreh. 

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