UFM appeals state government for safe drinking water scheme by 2022

UFM appeals state government for safe drinking water scheme by 2022

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IMPHAL: The United Front Manipur (UFM) has appealed the state government to provide safe drinking water scheme within 2022 to all the districts of the state while it should ensure to rectify the Public Health engineering Department (PHED) from the bottom to the top, researched and to examine the sources of water properly and to appoint well trained technician firstly before implementing.

During a press meet at the Manipur Press Club on Sunday, UFM chairman Sapam Samungou Singh said that the concern department and the government firstly needs deep discussion and researched regarding the sources of water from where to be generated as well as required a strong awareness and protection for the state rivers from the pollution before promising the public in a wrong calculation.

Moreover, UFM assumed that the well trained technicians and engineers do not need to wait for the suggestions from the ministers and MLAs as they are not experts in the particular field while the department must suggest whatever is necessary  to take up the projects, he added.

While, querying to the department UFM said that the concerned department must clarify that whether the department really has a testing laboratory also does it test the water which has been distributed to the people of Urban and Rural of the state, he added.

Hence, UFM felt extremely unfortunate to the MLAs, ministers and public for being silent and not instructed and complained to the department regarding the test of water whether the water is unpolluted enough and good to health.

He also mention that for the last two three decades Manipur state was never been under shortage of water, every locality used to keep its own ponds for its private and community use while its seems to be excavated for construction of its own building in the sake of development, but now, people eventually begins to face the scarcity of water as most the rivers located in the valleys are polluted in which the needs of the water also it increases gradually day by day in our life, he added

Further, it appeal the concern department to take serious on the matters of water which is very basic needs to our life also ensured the state government to accomplish it dream of giving safety drinking water Scheme in its and every locality as well as in all the 16 district which were been facing the shortage of drinking water in a meantime.

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