UCM cautions intense reaction against FA

UCM cautions intense reaction against FA

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Imphal: Pointing out that NSCN (IM) and the Union Government had entered into an agreement but it still remains incomplete as both the parties failed to agree on some important points, the United Committee Manipur (UCM) has cautioned that if the agreement is finally drafted and its resolutions affect the territorial integrity and administrative set up of Manipur, then citizens of the State may burst out in anger in protest and resort to launch intense agitations against the vexed agreement.

Issuing a press release in this regard, UCM IPR Secretary Leishemba Lamaba stated that at present both the parties could not reach consensus on some points which are yet to be disclosed before the people and moreover, the contentious agreement has raised suspicions amongst different communities of the State.

Reminding the June Uprising of 2001 that compelled the Centre to omit the clause “without territorial limit” from the ceasefire agreement signed between NSCN-IM and the Indian Government, the release said that even after the removal of this controversial clause, people are still in confusion as the final resolution has not been drafted and make public. Citizens of the State have been living with fear anticipating that the agreement would affect the territorial integrity and administrative set up of the State, it added.

Saying that the Indian government had assured to bring peace in the Northeast States with the signing of Framework Agreement but failed to quell the apprehension in the minds of Manipuris, UCM asserted that the Naga Accord must be resolved at the earliest without causing any disturbances to other Northeast States particularly Manipur.

Declaring that UCM and the people of Manipur always support the path to peace, it stated that they would not remain a mere spectator when it comes to any threat to the territorial boundary of Manipur and peaceful co-existence amongst the different communities.  

Urging all the concerned to deal with the Naga Accord keeping in mind the interest and sentiments of the Manipuris, UCM made it clear that it must not affect the integrity of the people and also the government must ensure that the agreement does not affect the State and its people in any form, otherwise the people will erupt in anger and may take up severe agitations which in turn will cause chaos and unrest.

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