TYA Sadar Hills applauds MLA Nemcha Kipgen

TYA Sadar Hills applauds MLA Nemcha Kipgen

TMB Report

KANGPOKPI: The Thadou Youth Association Sadar Hills conveyed heartiest congratulation to Kangpokpi AC MLA Nemcha Kipgen on being shortlisted among the top 5 Indian MLAs combating the pandemic COVID-19 at the forefront.

Romen Lalginsei Lhouvum, Vice President TYA Sadar Hills said that it is our pride and honour that the lone woman MLA from Kangpokpi Assembly Constituency despite of being dropped recently from the ministerial berth have been selected among the top 5 MLAs in the entire country for her tireless efforts and contribution in combating the pandemic COVID-19.

He continued that though the state Government failed to recognize her immense contribution in the fight against the dreaded pandemic COVID-19, the Post India has exposed her sincerity and commitment through her tireless contribution by short listing her among the top 5 Indian MLAs.

He also pointed out that the strategic planning and structural response, the bravery and sacrifices effort to reach to the people even at the remotest part, the concerned and care for the safety and protection of the frontline workers of MLA Nemcha Kipgen is second to none.

While appreciating and congratulating the MLA, the Thadou Youth Association also conveyed its happiness to have her as the public representatives and wish her a bright political career in her future endeavours.

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