TYA condemns alleged ‘inhuman act’ of hospitals

TMB Report

KANGPOKPI: The Thadou Youth Association General Headquarters has strongly condemned the alleged inhumane acts of hospitals in the strongest term that caused the tragic dead of an expecting mother on Thursday.

It stated that a pregnant woman, (L) Kapatliu Kamei, w/o Roshan Palang, a resident of Puichi (Oktan) village, Noney District, died after running between hospitals for 16 hours alleging that the hospitals which denied admission to the patient made excuses in the name of COVID-19 or lack of doctors.

It also said that the victim party had to shuffle between hospitals without either a proper admission or referral which required an administrative probe into the death of a pregnant woman, who was allegedly denied admission to six hospitals and died at the casualty entrance of Shija Hospital at around 4:00 AM yesterday.

While strongly condemning the alleged inhuman act of the hospitals and demanding action against the medical officials, the TYA also alleged that private hospitals made various excuses for not admitting the pregnant women and asked as to why the hospitals refused to admit her despite of processing the Covid 19 negative result or is it Hospitals are mean only to treat Covid 19 patients?

Taking seriousness of the situation, the TYA demand action against the staffs and ward nurses for their negligence and inhumane discrimination against a tribal pregnant woman only on the ground of caste and religion.

The TYA further alleged that some staffs and security personnel of some hospitals made offensive remarks and did not allow the patient to enter into the hospitals in spite of the peculiarly dangerous nature of the patient while demanding sincere probe against such staffs and security personnel.

It also demanded that the district administration should ensure admission of patients and that communication should be established with other hospitals in case of referral to minimise delay which those six hospitals have failed to do so.

While the TYA demand an inquiry against the responsible officers and the hospitals and initiate befitting action for negligence, it also demanded that the hospitals that denied admission and the Government should give compensations to the victim’s family failing which TYA along with other civil organisations and the general public will take our own course of action in the matter.

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