Tree saplings distributed

Tree saplings distributed

TMB Report

Bishnupur: Former BJP contestant of Kumbi A/C Social Worker Kh. Nabakumar has distributed 1,500 lemon and orange tree saplings to the farmers of Kumbi A/C on Monday.

The fruit tree saplings were distributed to increase the economy through mass production of fruits at Kumbi A/C and in support of the Green Manipur Mission.

Apart from planting the lemon and orange tree saplings, Kh. Nabakumar urged the farmers to take care to let them fully grow and bear fruits.

He said that a good quality variety of bamboo saplings and other tree saplings related to horticulture will further try to provide to the farmers.

The farmers appreciated the officials of the concerned department and Chief Minister of Manipur for taking huge responsibility in making the tree saplings available to the farmers.

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