Translate assurance on Noney landslide victims to action: ATRPFM to govt

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The All Tribal Rights’ Protection Forum, Manipur (ATRPFM) has once again appealed to the concerned authorities of the State government, as well as the NHIDCL to translate the assurances given on July 24, 2020, to the Noney landslide affected householders into action without any further delay.

In the press statement, it was stated that a team of officials from various departments led by DRO, R&DM AK Ranjitkumar Singh inspected the said areas which was taken up in response to the press statement issued by the ATRPFM and CSOs of Longmai areas. The president of ATRPFM also took part in the inspection drive and the matter was published in local dailies on 27th July 2020. As such, the concerned authorities have full knowledge of the peculiarly dangerous nature of the landslide for the residents of the affected areas, specially for Longmai-3 village, where about 30 houses including a church are about to be washed away along with their standing crops, paddy fields etc by the landslide. However, no positive steps have been taken up by the concerned authorities till date which is a gross negligence of the part of State government and the NHIDCL, the release stated.

ATRPFM expressed worry that the landslides are becoming more acute and the buildings are getting bigger and bigger cracks every passing day. The Geological Survey of India has directed the affected residents to vacate the houses but the State government has not arranged any alternative rehabilitation facilities and there are no intimations or decisions pertaining to payment of compensations for the affected householders, the statement continued.

Further, the ATRPFM has reported that many pucca buildings have already been damaged. The root cause of the landslides is the construction of road NH-37 by the NHIDCL and non-maintenance of the road with proper care and precaution, according to the finding of the organisation.

It reminded that the residents of Longmai-3 and adjoining areas are poor people and it took them years to construct a house and also to form their livelihoods. Now, all efforts to construct pucca building or shelter houses and to regain their livelihoods have been shattered without any fault of theirs and the State government and the concerned authorities are still neglecting the affected residents of the areas.

ATRPFM strongly demanded that the State government, NHIDCL and concerned authorities take up steps without any further delay and pay compensations for the damages and arrange alternative livelihood, and rehabilitation of the affected household, failing which both the residents and the ATRPFM would be compelled to explore legal means against the state government, NHIDCL and concerned authorities, the press statement added.

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