To Be Successful, Plan Well

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin

‘Well Begin Is Half Done’ is an old adage that has been applied in many fields and areas across the globe. Be it an exam, a match, a job or anything, one always say ‘ Well being is half done’ to show that one has started the job, the match or  the exam on a positive note. And to have started on a positive note means to have a good feeling and optimistic about the remaining part of the job. In other words a well begun job or a good beginning almost assures success and how does one begin on such a positive note which assures a positive result? It’s all in the planning.

History and experience have taught us that a well planned job has always had a better and more positive result or outcome than an unplanned one. If kings and Emperors won their battles, it was perhaps due to better planning than the enemy of course the size of the army had helped on most occasions too but again, one will have to accept that it’s all part of the planning. And if weaker football teams have won over their mightier and heavyweight opponents, once again it has to do with better planning and execution. In everything that one does, to be successful, one has to plan well or else be prepared to fail as Benjamin Franklin has rightly said, “by failing to prepared, you are preparing to fail. And indeed, failing to plan is just as much the reason for failure as planning is the reason for failure as planning is the reason for success. And if the BJP emerged as the winner of the 17th Lok Sabha Election 2019 after its victory in the 2014 election, one will deny that the national party had planned well. From choice of candidates to manifest to campaigning to influencing voters in whichever way the results showed that the party had indeed planned well. One the other hand, the Indian National Congress (INC) under the leadership of its President Rahul Gandhi failed to even secure 100 seats, the seats or what could lead their failure. And ‘that planning’ which made all the difference, is the reason by BJP has government at the centre while the Congress, despite being in the Opposition in the Parliament.

Such is the importance of planning in one’s life in order to be successful. Planning has always been vital in very decision making. Julius Ceasar became the famous man that his is today and so talked about in history all because he was one of the best Generals with the best of planning that help him to defeat the Gauls. He has a lesser men, was outnumbered and surrounded by the mightier, stronger and larger army of the Gauls. But Ceasar’s plans worked and he came out victorious. And that is why history talks so much about him today. IN the same way to be successful in life one has to plan well and execute the same in a great way. And as Benjamin Franklin said, if one has failed to plan then he is already prepared to fail. Therefore, the thin line between success and failure is ‘Planning’ and its execution. 

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