TKS serves notice to stranded Tangkhul students

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Tangkhul Katamnao Saklong(TKS) has served a notification on Friday to fellow students who are stranded in Imphal and Senapati district and willing to travel to their respective villages, that they must inform it to the executive members of  Tangkhul Katamnao Long Imphal (TKLI)  within April 18.

As per notification served by the president of TKS Wungnaosung Shokwungnao, it was said that the fellow students who are willing to go home (village)are informed to fill up their names and the present address with parent’s name, personal mobile numbers and  the address of their destination and send to the details to the phone numbers of the TKLI executive members. The students’ furnished the TKLI phone numbers as +9190896976903/+9594587689/ +918787552103/+8131905181, belonging to the president (TKLI),executive member(TKLI),speaker (TKLI) and president of Tangkhul Katamnao Long Maram and asked them to sought more details through the phones. 

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