TKLD reacts to TNL’s statement

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IMPHAL: The Tangkhul Katamnao Long Delhi (TKLD) has asserted that “the need and urgency is not just preparedness but preparedness from technical perspective by bridging financial aid strategy and responses through evidence- based decision making and support effort” in its reaction to the directives of Tangkhul Naga Long(TNL) which was served on April 9 on Monday.

According to a press release the president TKLD Masotmi Kashung stated that though TNL directive might be a plan for the safety of the people saying home but the concern TNL as well as the operating CSO back home can look into some health imperative for the  people stranded outside travelling home by arranging alternative means like schools and colleges as quarantine room and testing kit’s.

The TKLD president said that this organization is fighting at the best level to fulfill the gaps of needs and also warned against  the misuse of social media by spreading weird propaganda and fakes news stating that such should be kept under check as much as possible.

He further added that unorganized employees residing outside are currently deprived of any sort of income such as salary and even any state government aid like Tengbang which requires documents proof which isn’t feasible to them and the inherent technicalities associated with Tengbang is a loophole of the very initiative. The number of people of Tangkhul community in Delhi and NCR areas inclusively students, working and non working persons and families are 10000 from a rough estimation, he added.

He also suggested that it’d be much better if such concern can also be rectified for the benefit of our people residing in different metropolitan cities, also fearing that TKLD burden might  seemingly increase with the extended lockdown till 3rd of May and repercussions in the aftermath is inevitable.

The TKLD so far has only been able to provide essential food commodities to some and is working towards providing more to people in dire needs, hopefully with the support of some few donors, and also initiated medical proceedings for some members who are sick but no further treatment were done due lockdown.

He further mentioned that the TKLD has helped people in commuting from various places to their own homes through the helps of the food Samaritan who have access their e-pass and assisted in resolving the defaults in payment of tenants rent through the help of Spunner.

Currently there has been no financial assistance extended from the state government or from the Manipur Bhavan except Rs 15000 from the TBCA youth wings and the few CSOs which is not very sane in the light of crucial picture increasing risk of morbidity and morality which ultimately will lead to adverse social, economic and political ramifications and while no single, optimal response to a public health emergency exist; we must altogether tailor strategies to the local context and to the severity of the pandemic, said the president of TKLD.

However TKLD has encouraged every individuals stranded outside to stay strong and not to lose hope and to stay indoors for the safety of oneself and the rest of the citizens and further appealed the concern churches, politician, village associations, CSOs and the public to come together in planning for the future.

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