Thonglang Akutpa reaches out to District Headquarters with fresh vegetables

Thonglang Akutpa reaches out to District Headquarters with fresh vegetables

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KANGPOKPI: The deadly pandemic COVID-19 otherwise do as much good as it has done bad to humankind.

The scene at KTC office this morning when the good samaritan Thonglang Akutpa villagers unload their fully loaded fresh vegetables and leaders of Kangpokpi giving the warmest reception displayed the purest love and affection for humankind and it was something really worth to witnessed particularly from the two community.

The nationwide lockdown owing to the pandemic COVID-19 which has also been strictly enforced in the state not only play an important role in containing the highly contiguous pandemic virus but also create a soft heart in each and every denizens of all communities in sharing and addressing their problems at this hard time.

Laudably it has been witnessed since the past few weeks the Naga brethren in Kangpokpi  District has been leading the role in helping their fellow brethren by providing fresh vegetables which had been almost unavailable at every household owing to the lockdown.

Thonglang Akutpa villagers in Kangpokpi District along Twilang (IT. Road) this morning come down with few vehicles fully loaded with fresh vegetables and distributed to their fellow brethren in Kangpokpi and Senapati District.

One DI Tata fully loaded with fresh vegetables of various variety was hand over to the Kangpokpi Town Committee for distribution free of cost in the town as a token of love and concerned from Thonglang Akutpa villagers at this hard time while another DI Tata similarly loaded with fresh vegetables of various varieties were provided to the town committee of Senapati.

Apart from Kangpokpi DHQs and Senapati DHQs, Thonglang Akutpa villagers through the village Relief Committee provided the fresh vegetables to various villages within Kangpokpi and Senapati District.

According to Rev. Maniathaibou Charenamei, Convenor of Thonglang Akutpa COVID-19 Relief Committee, the villagers of Thonglang Akutpa under the aegis of the Village Authority as decided in a joint meeting, spared few days searching the fresh vegetables in the jungle and when it has enough quantity, they voluntarily brought down to the District Headquarters with their own vehicles to provide to their fellow neighbouring villages including the two District Headquarters free of cost.

The village representative and relief committee were warmly received by the Kangpokpi Town Committee, Kangpokpi Town Churches Fellowship, Kangpokpi Women Welfare Organization at KTC office and expressed heartfelt gratitude towards the exemplary service showed by the Thonglang Akutpa villagers.

KTC and KWWO leaders while lauding the humanitarian gesture on the part of Thonglang Akutpa villagers which is very much rare at this juncture, the Kangpokpi Town Churches Fellowship members prayed for the well being and seek God’s blessing upon the Thonglang Akutpa village.

The Kangpokpi leaders also offered food to all the good samaritans Thonglang Akutpa representatives who come to hand over the vegetables.

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