Thermal screening of all passengers at Mao, Jiribam mandatory: Health Dept

241 samples tested Negative for COVID-19 

TMB Report

IMPHAL: As per the Government of Manipur, Health Department notification dated the 10th May, 2020 and Government of India, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare “Guidelines for Quarantine facilities COVID-19”, the State Health department has on Tuesday issued SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) for handling passengers entering Manipur.

According to the notified SOP, all passengers entering Manipur will undergo thermal screening at Mao/Jiribam Gate. They will undergo secondary screening by Medical Teams in the Home Districts on arrival at the designated locations. DC/CMO will set up a Centralized Screening Centre in their respective districts immediately. All the asymptomatic passengers after the screening will be sent for Community Quarantine/ Home Quarantine for 14 days. Strict quarantine must be followed by all persons.

Any symptomatic passenger or persons having ILI (Influenza Like Infections) symptoms e.g. fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose etc. will be placed in Isolation Ward/ Facility for testing. Risk profiling of incoming persons will be a continuous process by the Medical/ State RRT. Transportation of such symptomatic passengers to Isolation Ward/ Facility will be done by following the prescribed procedures.

At the designated Screening Centres, staff will be deployed in shifts timings of which may be fixed by the Districts. For passengers arriving in large numbers by train, Districts will deploy sufficient number of Medical Teams to avoid congestion and overcrowding at the Screening Centers. Train Passengers’ list will be shared with the Districts for effective planning and implementation as soon as they available.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, altogether 241 samples were tested at VRDL laboratories of JNIMS and RIMS and all results came out negative, informed State Surveillance Officer, IDSP, Manipur.

97 samples were tested at VRDL laboratory at RIMS and 144 at JNIMS and all their results came out negative for COVID-19.  So far, a cumulative of 1337 samples have been tested in the state. No person is being kept at the isolation wards of RIMS and JNIMS at present.

Altogether 631 truckers and commuters who entered into the state were medically screened at Mao, Jiribam gate on Tuesday.  202 truckers and 275 commuters entered into the state via Mao gate and 136 truckers and 14 commuters via Jiribam gate, added the report.

Altogether 728 truck drivers and handymen  were medically screened at  ISBT (Truck), YAS complex,  Khuman Lampak, and they were found having no symptoms.

The report further informed that 1375 persons are currently under different Government Quarantine facilities in the state. 351 new individuals were kept under Government quarantine centres today. Of the total 2369 persons under Government quarantine facilities, 994 have completed their quarantine period. There is any person under Home quarantine as all 486 had already completed their quarantine period.

COVID-19 Common Control Room attended as many as 312 calls on the day, added the report.

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