You’re the verse

That cherishes on my lips only

You’re the mesmerizing fantasy

That visits few and far, and flourishes.

A fantasy from which

I’d never like to come out.

You’re the pleasantest fragrance

That scatters in every Breath of mine;

The scent that makes me tuned and adored.

You’re the priceless memory,

That lives only with my soul

The precious memory that

My heart urges for the most,

That brings me smiles in my solitude.

You’re the unearthly rose

That blooms only

In the sands of my heart

A desert rose;

That makes me admire endlessly.

You’re the Sunshine,

That showers light of hope,

The strength, laughter and care,

A light that makes me feel;

The thrill of nature and love.

You’re the Sunshine,

The ray of hope, priceless and precious both

Which lingers only in my heart,

Far away from this rapacious world,

That teaches me the joy of living.

By: JANE SERAM Wangkhei koijam leikai, Imphal East

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